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massages and treatments

Wellness massages by Ms. Sai Münch

Thai foot massage

Relaxing foot bath, experience the spicy fruity secret of fresh mint.

We also serve a tea that stimulates blood circulation, and then you can enjoy a foot point massage according to ancient Thai tradition.

Duration approx. 45 minutes € 48.-


Fantastic Luar Massage

Relaxing foot bath, accompanied by a cup of tea that stimulates blood circulation. Then a full-body relaxation massage according to royal tradition with aromatic oil individually tailored to you, your tensions are relieved with hot Pantai Luar spice and fruit stamps.

Duration approx. 75 minutes € 80.-


Thai oil massage

Relaxing foot bath, accompanied by a cup of tea that stimulates blood circulation.

Followed by a full-body relaxation massage with aromatic oil individually tailored to you.

Duration approx. 1 hour € 60.-


Honey oil massage

The liquid gold has a clarifying and antibacterial effect and takes care of it  for velvety soft, smooth and pure skin. Ideal for irritated skin.

Duration approx. 25 minutes € 35.-


La Stone Massage
Relaxing foot bath, accompanied by a cup of tea that stimulates blood circulation.
Then a full body massage with approx. 40°C warm lava stones and individual aromatic oils.

These are placed on the energy centers of the body and give off the soothing heat there.
This stimulates and accelerates blood circulation. The tissue as well as the cells become
supplied with more oxygen to support the regeneration and relaxation process.
Duration approx. 75 minutes € 84.-


New in the team Mrs. Ingeborg Weil


Events:  Saturdays and Sundays by arrangement and advance notice

Mobile: 0170 61 233 64 (please send an SMS)


Back relaxation massage according to Breuss - combined with energetic

Relaxation and well-being are becoming more and more important as our everyday lives become more fast-paced and hectic. Therefore, treat yourself to rest and relaxation for your body and mind from time to time. Let yourself be pampered with a back relaxation massage according to Breuss. The massage gently relieves tension and allows blocked energies to flow again. The base oil for this massage is natural St. John's wort oil, also known as a carrier of solar energy.

Duration approx. 60 minutes   € 65.-


Combined back massage -connected with energetics-

Since time immemorial, massages have been the most popular method of restoring well-being and inner balance. Massages relieve tension and tension in the body and mind. With this massage, too, tension is gently relieved and blocked energies are made to flow again. You can let yourself go and put the stress of everyday life to one side.

With the combined back massage, we will agree on the focal points of your massage together.

Duration approx. 60 minutes     € 65.-




Medical orthopedic foot care by Mrs. Verena Baseda


Foot consultation, removal of corns, calluses, hard skin, nail fold problems, skin and nail changes, foot and leg massage.  


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